Jotting #15: Eclipse Tips and Moans

Some Eclipse tips and moans that I’ve experienced on and off.

I like to start Eclipse with the option -showlocation; it helps to identify which workspace I am working on, especially when I need to work on two version (trunk and branch).


Just upgraded to Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) and had to get rid of a wrongly created workspace. While it is easy to move between workspaces many have commented that is difficult to get rid of workspaces.

In Eclipse 3.4, go to file <Eclipse_HOME>/configuration/.settings/org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs and remove any workspace in the key-value RECENT_WORKSPACES. Voila. Done. Thanks.

Working Sets

I sometimes like to group projects into working sets, especially in workspaces with many Eclipse projects; but in Eclipse these sets are somewhat second class objects:

  • many menu options don’t work on sets
  • can’t export/import sets

I would like to export sets because when I branch my code it would be nice to carry things over to the branch.


Similarly, you cannot export/import bookmarks. What a shame/hazzle/waste-of-time. My current workaround is to take a snapshot with Faststone Capture (version 4.8, great little helper app!) and keep the picture.


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